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Model : Probe Holder & Tips

U-P Style Probe Tip Holder
U-S Style Probe Tip Holder
U-N Style Probe Tip Holder
U-E Style Probe Tip Holder
U-P Style "Spring Clip"
U-N Style 45˚ "End Clip"
U-S Style "Screw Clip"
U-E Style Straight "End Clip"

Model : Probe Unit(RF Probe Head) - Gigatest Labs


Model : Prositioner - Signatone

S-96MW Micropositioner SP-100 Inline Micropositioner SP-150 Inline Micropositioner
Designed for RF probing, this positioner has one inch movements in all axes and captured cross-roller bearings. Retains the base-mounted in-line axis control that reduces hand-induced vibration and improves probe density.. Signatone's most stable and precise micropositioner for sub-micron probing.
S-725 Micropositioner S-900 Series Micropositioner Pivot Head
Primarily used for probing targets that are approximately 0.5 mil (12.7 microns) and larger, with 80 TPI resolution. A field-proven design which combines precision and stability at a moderate price. The pivot head assembly is available on S-725, S-926 and S-931 micropositioners.
CAP-946 Computer-Aided Positioner S-750 Joystick Micropositioner
Motorized micropositioner designed to be controlled by any of the Signatone Solutions Computer Aided Probing. Features a 9:1 motion ratio and a scan area of 0.10" x 0.180".