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CM460 Semi-Automatic Probe Station
The CM460 is a 6" Semi-Automatic Probe Station, rich in features and capability, that offer a human engineered interface to make operation easy and intuitive. CM460 Systems can be configured for a variety of applications including microwave probing, low current (femtoamp) probing, thermal probing, design/debug, failure analysis, product engineering and many other probing applications.

Systems incorporate a proprietary linear induction motor and an optical feedback positioning system to drive and control the wafer stage. This marriage of sophisticated technologies has given Signatone a leading edge in performance, reliability and accuracy. All systems include automated wafer stepping controlled via the Signatone Solutions Windows software and motorized theta with a quick two-point align feature. Options include programmable motorized microscope movement, auto focus, computer aided probes, on screen video, a unique joystick/thumbwheel control unit, and many other powerful features.