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Analysis Prober

WaveLink System for Advanced Parameter Measurements CheckMate Series Probe Station CM460 Semi-automatic
For parametric testing that maximizes the productivity of technicians and engineers in R&D. Multipurpose with upgrade capabilities manual to motorized to programmable software control also upgradable from 200mm to 300mm. 150mm probe station step & repeat, point & shoot, color mapping, and complete software control.
H-100 Series Hybrid Probe Station S01160 Probe Station Resistivity Four Point Probing Systems
For your one-off failure analysis test 85mm and 100mm chuck. 100mm, 150mm and 200mm wafer stage's completely manual and user friendly. Manual: S-302 Four Point Probe Heads QuadPro with 3D mapping system.
TH-760 Test Head Probe Station RF Microwave Probe Stations
Use with Mosaid, IMS, HP Credence and others. Microwave probe stations and RF probe heads by Picoprobe.