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SP-100 Precision In-Line Micropositioner
The basic design of the SP-100 is derived from Signatone's top-of-the-line SP-150 Micropositioner. The main advantage of this design is the base-mounted micrometers, which effectively decouples hand-induced vibration from the probe. The inline design also reduces the clearance with adjacent positioners, which increases the number of probes that can be used on the probe station.

The massive base frame also provides a stable platform on which to mount the 3 cross-roller bearing spring-load carriages. Leadscrew nonlinearities inherent in direct-drive designs, seen as compund motion of the probe tip under high magnification, are not present in the SP-100.

The SP-100 has been optimized for probing features sizes down to1µ. Available in Pivot (P) and Vertical (S) Head styles, the SP-100 is a significant improvement in probe placement technology.